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This map represents a list of UK Wildlife Rescues/Rehabbers who can confidently offer knowledgeable, high welfare rehabilitative care to wildlife casualties & orphans... 

The map below features a mix of the very large UK Wildlife Hospitals (who can be trusted to operate at high professional standards) as well as Wildlife Rescues (of various sizes) who are Wildlife Care Badge Holders.

To be a WCB Holder, a Wildlife Rescue/Rehabber (no matter how big or small) has to have proven the following minimum standards...

ONE...  They must have proven a minimum level of knowledge about the species they rehabilitate.  TWO...  They must have proven that they have a suitable premises in which to rehab the wildlife casualties/orphans that they take in.  THREE...  To keep their badge, they must keep proving (and it only takes a few minutes a month to do so) that they keep maintaining high standards throughout their working week through a minimum level of record keeping and by continuing to offer proof of a regular working relationship with a Vet.

This map has been launched by our umbrella organisation, the Wildlife Care Badge - we are just starting out so this map will keep growing - and you can find out all about us HERE.

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